What/Who is HER?
We are ALL HER. Any woman of color who:

  • stands with other women in an effort to create Honest + Empowered Relationships

  • wants to challenge stereotypes and redefine what sisterhood means

We want to show that positive relationships between women are the foundation for improving our community and the world.

What is the HER Collective?
The HER Collective is a membership-based group that creates programming for the RichmondHER community.

What is RichmondHER?
RichmondHER is an on-and offline community for women of color of all ages. We come together to support each other by curating authentic relationships, rooted in honesty and respect. This community ,which is an extension of the HER Collective, aims to support the professional, social and personal growth of women of color.

I am interested in joining the Collective. How do I apply?
When membership opens, check the website under “Get Involved” and click on the “Membership Info” tab. There will be directions on how to apply.

When does membership open?
The membership application for 2019 is open Wednesday, May 15 - Monday, May 27, 2019. Click HERE to apply.

What does  the HER application process involve?
Prospective HER Collective members will complete an application and attend an introductory “Meet and Greet” event with other ladies and members of the Collective.

What are the HER Collective membership requirements?
The Her Collective is an organization centered around fostering intentional relationships between Collective members  as well as the RichmondHER community. Members are age 25-40 and live in the Greater Richmond area. We measure active membership based on Finances (monthly dues), Engagement (interaction with the RichmondHER community through programing and social media) and Fellowship (intentional relationships and engagement within the Collective).

Do I need to be a member of the HER Collective to participate in RichmondHER events?
No! You do NOT have to be a member of the HER Collective to participate in HER Events. Members of the Collective work together to create events for the RichmondHER community and beyond.  All women of color are welcome to participate!

How do I find out about future events?
Check out the calendar under our “Events” tab for events happening around Richmond as well as HER events that are coming up. We will also share events in our facebook group.

What type of events does the HER Collective host?
The RichmondHER community can expect meet-ups, happy hours, speaker series, networking events, day trips, book clubs, and conferences.